Well, I think i’m back, guys. Thanks for all your support but I failed I guess. ( I fucked up two tests… And somehow the english test because I didn’t know  W.E.B.Du Bois was writing essay…). Whatever. The results are in June.

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Well, hiatus. I’m going to pass an exam for this school. And i’m going to a special place where I can’t use internet or anything for this.


Viktor Robertovich Tsoi was a Soviet musician, songwriter, and leader of the band Kino.

Tsoi was born in Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. He was the only child of Valentina Vasilyevna Tsoi, a Russian schoolteacher, and Robert Maximovich Tsoi, a Soviet Korean engineer.

Tsoi attended the Serov Artistic Academy in Leningrad from 1974 to 1977. In 1977, when Tsoi was 15 years old, the academy expelled him. The academy said that he was expelled for poor grades. RT said “it didn’t help that he was heavily involved in the rock scene.”

He is regarded as one of the pioneers of Russian rock and has many devoted fans across the countries of the former Soviet Union even today. Few musicians in the history of Russian music have been more popular or have had more impact on their genre than Viktor Tsoi and his rock band Kino. Aside from that, Tsoi contributed a plethora of musical and artistic works, including ten albums. Viktor Tsoi died in a car accident on August 15, 1990, aged 28.

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Kyo - Le Graal

  • Album : L’Equilibre
  • Origin : les Yvelines (FR)

 « J’ai cherché le graal, la jeunesse éternelle, le botox dans les veines »


La repetition by Catherine Corsini, 2001.